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British American Tobacco Closing a Factory in Aylesbury

Published on February 5th, 2014 00:00

British American Tobacco (BAT) is closing its factory in Aylesbury, concluding the historical connection the town has had with the cigarette business. These days BAT declared that its 60 staff will be transferred from Oxford House in Aylesbury to its new office situated in Richmond-Upon-Thames in March 2014. The majority of its staff already lives in London, it pointed out.

BAT’s Oxford House offices grew to become the centre of its UK business after Rothmans International joined the company in 2001. The given move will impact all Aylesbury workers starting from primary teams including marketing, finance, legal and also corporate affairs.

Manager of business and corporate affairs, Ron Ridderbeekx, stated: “Due to this change, we will be closer to our management and business head office and our major clients. “A substantial number of our employees live in greater London. “We have been honored to be part of the Aylesbury community for the past 50 years. “Aylesbury has been an important part of the Rothmans and BAT history. Many generations have operated here - and most of our senior UK and international staff started their careers namely in Aylesbury. Aylesbury will always be a significant part of who we are. It is always sad to find an organization go out of Aylesbury. When I talked to BAT they said to me that practically all of the staff right now located at their Aylesbury office would be provided relocation to their new office which will be situated in Richmond, West London.

The maker of Pall Mall, Dunhill and other best selling cigarette brand all over the world have their personal property on Oxford Road and I was glad to find out that they will be looking for new tenants. I am confident that other business tenants will go to that building.

Mr. Ridderbeekx also stated: “We think that by trading in an innovative working environment, our enterprising group will be motivated to keep on to grow and deliver the diverse variety of modern smoking products that the UK’s adult cigarette smokers have come to expect from British American Tobacco. “In other words, this investment demonstrates our determination to progress both in the UK and Irish markets.”