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Ban and nights clubs aren't go together

Published on May 7th, 2007 16:05

New episode occurred in life-movie of smoking world. According to introduced smoking restriction, usage of tobacco are prohibited in restaurants, bars, parks, and all public places where are crowd of people.

Interesting fact is for night clubs. Namely these locals are direct equivalent of usage of cigars or/and cigarettes. It is hard to imagine club where isn't lightened up.

For what are created night clubs? Of course for relaxing, meeting with friends and long discussions accompanied by a drink and cigarettes. Veto on smoking was like a bolt from the blue.

This problem was discussed by Gov. Rod Blagojevich that he likes the statewide smoking ban passed out of the Legislature this week. But before he signs it, he should tweak it.

People are invited to visit such locals as night clubs, veteran groups, marinas and others. All this organizations are in its corea private that means what they are free from state management.

Most typical offer that is permitted in that locals are smoking and this was allowed at historical moment of appearance. And this tradition was preserved till our days. All those that enter in a private club understand that there is smoking.

It is no big different between these locals and private residence of a friend that used to light up tobacco.

Sometimes smoking is a chief reason of gaining people together, or this cigarette or cigar practice is accompanied on some meetings and discussions. An example of this kind of meeting is VFW or the charity groups. Larry Frabell, 67, the quartermaster for the VFW in Creve Coeur, says that 75 percent of guests smoke at the functions. And the workers are volunteers from the VFW or the charity groups. As smoker who served in the Army during The Korean War, he sustains that We all served to defend our country, to protect our right to smoke.

Examples of such kind of locals are thousands. One resolution what can be accomplished for all those private locals is agreement of smoking with a simple amendatory veto.