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Police have begun the hunt on smoking motorists

Published on November 22nd, 2007 16:11

It is hard to deny the fact that smoking while driving can have very grave consequences.

Although, the drivers quite realize the real final results of this practice, they continue to light up, believing firmly that it is safety for them.

The smoking while driving is qualified as a very dangerous “distraction.” There are many cases when namely the smoking was the reason for the crash. This problem isn’t characteristic only to a definite state or country. It is a problem on international scale.

Many states where smoking ban is launched have banned the lightening up while driving too.

In Merseyside, the police have begun the hunt on motorists who smoke while driving. This will help to reduce the accidents. The acting deputy chief constable of Merseyside Police, Bernard Lawson, has warned that his officers will be “on the look-out” for drivers who lights up.

Those who will be caught will be fined on-the-spot with £60.

The Department for Transport (DfT) sustains that often namely smoking is the primary cause of many car accidents.

It is very important to show interest in this important issue, as it affects not only drivers. Recently, many states prohibit the in-car smoking if there a child is present. This law was enacted in order to protect the children from secondhand smoke.

Of course, prohibition of smoking while driving will improve the general statistics of the car crashes and, save the life of many peoples.

The problem of smoking while driving is not only of a general nature, but individual too, as everybody ought to understand what consequences can be.