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A lot of butts on Ski Run Beach

Published on September 24th, 2007 18:09

As it was related, this year volunteers of the Clean Tahoe Program picked up 1,008 cigarette butts from the Ski Run Beach. Amazing amount!

This year program gathers together more than 300,000 volunteers from more than 90 countries. It is a great event for the South Shore. South Lake Tahoe resident Annie Geratowski was the team captain for the day. People of different cultures and generations participated in “Clean Tahoe” event and each year it turns into a really worldwide festival, with no dancing and sweets, but with collecting of trash. It seems to be funny, as it has so many participants.

For three years International Coastal Cleanup Day is “celebrated” on South Shore. Volunteers collected a large variety of trash, beginning with beer bottles and ending with plastic bags. Although, the butts took the leading position counting 1,008 pieces. Namely, butts seem to be “preference” of thousands of people who had visited beach. Maybe, it is because of restriction to smoke in public and the beach remained the last place where smokers could enjoy this pleasure liberally?

Big quantity of collected trash really worries as this demonstrates how people care for the basin cleanliness.

“People really treat the beaches pretty poorly. It seems really preventable. Any thing we picked up could have just easily been thrown in a trash can, and there are multiple trash cans around most lake front areas,” Geratowski said.

Encouraging note is big number of volunteers which participated at event. “I'm happy to report that a record number of volunteers have showed up this year to clean approximately 38 miles of beach as well as Sawmill Pond,” Program Manager Ellen Nunes wrote in an e-mail.