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E-cards for those who quit

Published on April 1st, 2008 17:04

The Utah Department of Health's (UDOH) have initiated an e-campaign for. Utah anti-smoking group has created a set of electronic greeting cards for those who quit or try to quit. Users can send cards to their smoking lovers as encouragement to kick tobacco habit.

E-cards are placed online on special projected site that used to promote anti-smoking policy. This is first of this kind promotion that has already attracted international visitors, the promoters said.

Lena Dibble, media coordinator, Tobacco Prevention and Control Program, UDOH said the e-cards now available to everybody on their Web site and may be that nudge people need to kick the habit.

"They are a low-pressure way to remind a loved one that they have support in quitting tobacco," added Lena.

Promotional site contains 10 e-cards and each carry a special message for tobacco user. Web site also has different information concerning smoking and tobacco usage.

"We hope this new feature can serve as the link between the Web site and the tobacco user," said Dibble. "The TRUTH's e-cards are the perfect example of our message – that people truly do have power to help their loved ones quit tobacco for good."

As it was related, site has been visited by more than 4,000 Utahns and captured international attention.

These kinds of sites promote anti-smoking policy and are projected as practical guide to help and encourage those who want to quit.

Though, there are people that prefer to continue to smoke and for them there are another tobacco site that also have interesting and valuable for them information.