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UK cigarette brands comes to USA markets

Published on December 4th, 2007 17:12

Recently, famous UK enterprise Imperial Tobacco Group PLC has signed the agreement that offers the opportunity to sell its brands on the USA tobacco market as well.

Imperial Tobacco Group PLC is a great company that has been proclaimed as the world's fourth largest international tobacco company and the only tobacco manufacturer in the UK where it is also market leader. It is the second largest UK-based tobacco company by global sales.

According to a published report, in a little while the American smokers will have the possibility to purchase outstanding John Player Special, Lambert and Butler and Richmond smokes on home market. It was predicted that the UK brands are competitive for legendary ones including Lucky Strike and Marlboro.

The Master Settlement Agreement is document that is required to be signed before it can start selling brands into the country. This agreement has been already signed by more than 40 other US companies.

Under the agreement the Imperial Tobacco ought to pay a total of 206 bln usd and finance a 1.5 bln usd for anti-smoking campaign.

Imperial chief executive Gareth Davis said that the launching of the UK brands would come very soon.

“We need to complete a formal brand registration process before launching any new Imperial Tobacco brands in the USA. This process should be concluded in the coming weeks,” said Davis.