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Cigarette containers will maintain city clearer

Published on June 28th, 2007 15:06

Summer season begin and for many it is the time of vacations and relaxing at open air locals. Outdoor cafes are one of most visited locals during the day and fact that in such locals are used to smoke is normal event.

Fact that smoking ban resulted appearance of other problems make implementation of new tobacco law harder to realize. One of biggest problem is the cigarette buts that after opening of outdoor cafe season became more perceptible.

In Royal Oak state, officials offered additional two weeks to downtown restaurants to install cigarette trash receptacles at outdoor cafés before revoking their sidewalk café licenses â€" this after an earlier deadline had already passed.

This measure was required in order to insure clean downtown sidewalks. All restaurants and outdoor cafes have to supply outdoor patrons with a cigarette butt container for their smoking trash. Proprietors of cafes and restaurants were prevented via a letter from city officials that was sent out on May 23 demanded obligatory smoking trash receptacles on site at all sidewalk cafes by June 4.

“This is a stipulation for those establishments, but admittedly, we haven’t really cracked down on this until recently,” City Manager Tom Hoover said.

However it weren't respected by all locals. According to officials by the June 4 deadline, 13 downtown restaurants and cafes hadn’t complied with city regulations, and consideration to terminate their sidewalk cafe lease agreements went before the City Commission on June 18.

Later, as sustained Hoover, 10 of the 13 restaurants finally placed the cigarette butt containers at their outdoor cafes prior to the commission meeting. Single locals that still don’t place them are Leo’s Coney Island, Jimmy John’s and Qdoba Mexican Grill.

Offering of extra two weeks were voted at the City Commission. Voted were 6 to 1 to offer the three restaurants two weeks to take down their sidewalk cafés if they choose not to put cigarette butt containers outside for patrons. Commissioner Stephen Miller said: “There were a number of cigarette butts in areas with no containers, and I thought this enforcement would help keep things cleaner downtown,” Miller said.