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Display of cigarettes encourages smokers not to quit-study

Published on November 29th, 2007 18:11

Displays of the cigarettes that are placed in stores encourage smokers to buy them, a new study initiated by Australian researchers shows. This desire becomes common for more than a half from those who try to quit, according to the same study.

Professor Melanie Wakefield of The Cancer Council in the Australian state Victoria, the initiator of the study, says that when smokers see the displays of cigarettes, they cannot resist the temptation to in the most cases they purchase tobacco products.

“Far from being a benign marketing practice, our study illustrates that cigarette pack displays in retail stores do trigger impulse buying of cigarettes among smokers, even those who are trying to quit,” Wakefield said in a statement released on Thursday. Professor affirmed that these means of advertising are very efficacious and that tobacco companies practice it in a big way. Also, Wakefield added that displays of the cigarettes are an open advertising for smokes.

Partially, maybe it is true, because according to the study, 38 percents of smokers who had tried to quit in the past 12 months, and 34 percents of recent quitters, experienced an urge to buy cigarettes when they saw a display. This temptation was stronger that the desire to quit for half of the 38%, because at the end, they went and bought cigarettes.

Director of SA's National Council Against Smoking, Dr Yussuf Saloojee brings an explanation for this phenomenon. He said that cigarette companies in SA focus their forces on advertising. For those who became addicted to cigarettes, it is very hard to stand firm.

For the next year, Parliament plans to discuss the legislation that will restrict this kind of displays.