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In Clarksville the council decided on introducing of ban

Published on December 10th, 2007 18:12

In Clarksville, Councilman Kelly Conn said that very soon the ordinance will be introduced that will control smoking in public places. Lightening up will be permitted only in bars and private clubs, according to ordinance.

I believe that the time is now, Conn said during the news conference in the lobby of Clark Memorial Hospital.

The ex-councilman hopes that this proposal will be adopted before the end of the year and go into effect 90 days later.

Representatives of the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids said that according to poll conducted in April and May, more that 80% of respondents agree with ordinance. Near half of the interviewed people were smokers who assets to introduce the restrictions, because the non-smokers ought to be protected on second-hand smoke, especially children.

This poll proved that more than half of the Clarksville residents supported the ban. This law is not a parting shot but an effort to fulfill a promise he made to anti-smoking groups about a year ago, says Conn. He hopes that this ordinance will be approved, even if he lost the re-election.

Wonderful is the attributive that Tammy Wisehart, a medical transcriptions who works at Clark Memorial, said about the Conns ordinance.

I just think smokers should be willing to wait a little" instead of lighting up in public places, Wisehart said, because it affects other people.