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Middle East employees continue to smoke at workplace

Published on August 21st, 2007 12:08

According to recently done survey, around 32% of employees located in Middle East continue to smoke at places of their work. This phenomenon is intriguing for the reason what ban was introduced for workplaces heretofore.

At survey participated over 5,000 professionals, including HR managers of nine major Arab countries in the Middle East.

Middle Eastern states showed the highest percentage of working smokers in the world. According to a local survey in the region, 33 per cent of professionals are tobacco users. Top on list are Egypt and Jordan where smokers constitute 38 per cent.

Even so, 42 per cent of private offices are free of smokers, a survey carried out by recruitment portal said.

As well 36% of Arab professionals continue to smoke, followed by western workers at 28 per cent and the Asians at 27 %. The lowest percentages were registered in Oman where number of tobacco users constitutes 20 %.

Why smoking at workplaces prolongs isn't known? It can be presupposed what low prices in conjunction with disregard in respecting smoking plays chief role.

Low price for cigarettes maintain the possibility to use them. “An international brand of cigarettes costs just $1.70 per pack across the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, compared to $4.50 in the US and $11.50 in the UK,” the report says.

Biggest part of companies, around 65%, had introduced ban on lightening up at workplace.

Opinions related to smokers and their tempo of working differs. Some think what smokers are less productive as a result of frequent cigarette breaks and higher levels of sickness and absenteeism.

Exist opposite opinion, who sustains that smoking is much better than tea or coffee breaks enjoyed by non-smokers because smoking isn't so disruptive.