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Fe Smoke Shop opened in Grants

Published on April 26th, 2007 00:00

A great gift was offered to Cibola tobacco smokers this mouth. It was opened a new store Santa Fe Avenue. This is event was positively meet by everybody, beginning to its owner till its customers.

Cibola County is a county located in the U.S. state of New Mexico with population that achieves quantity of more that 26,000 people.

As tobacco shop had recently opened its doors, it is expected to have large number of clients, because it purposes everything that is needed for a smoker: large variety of tobacco products including cigars and devices such as hookahs, knives, vases, oil burners and watches. “We also have gift items,” said Mario Rayyes, co-owner of the store.

This new tobacco store isn’t big; there work only three people and two bosses: Mario Rayyes is the store manager, while Kelly Assie of Gallup is a co-owner.

Mario Rayyes had opened store not accidentally namely in this area. As it sustained, he was participant of the Fire Bike Rally for four years and this help him in creating this kind of shop. He observed that Cibola County will be a productive place for initiating a tobacco business for local smokers.

And this smoking location already proves good results. As sustain Rayyes, “I already have plenty of customers in the area.”

Despite of this fact, shop’ owners respect law related with sales to minor clients of their smoking products and other tobacco products. “I'm here to make a living, not to do any damage to the community”, said Rayyes. He added, “It is our policy because I want to protect my customers and to protect the children.”