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First fined Greater Manchester Pub

Published on February 6th, 2008 11:02

District Judge Tim Devas accused a pub landlord of disregarding smoking ordinance introduced on July 1, 2206 that prohibits smoking in public places. Now, Nick Hogan, 48, former landlord of The Swan Hotel and Barristers Bar in Bolton ought to pay a fine of £10,000.

According to introduced smoking ordinance, businesses that allow persons to light up inside their property can face a fine of £2,500, and those caught smoking risk fixed penalty notices of £50.

Hogan was found guilty of failing to prevent people from smoking in his pubs on four separate occasions. This case was heart by Bolton Magistrates' Court.

Nick Hogan is the first person in the country that has faced this kind of penalty. In his defense, the offender said he prevented clients not to smoke in a letter put out on tables. Also, no smoking signs were displayed in the pub.

So, from this point of view, Nick Hogan has kept within the law. But, he confessed that he didn’t actively force the ban, because people ought to decide by themselves what to do. They have the right to choose.

Though, Hogan should pay heavy fine for offering this choice to his customers. In the reportage he said that he was shocked about the size of the fine and costs. Moreover Hogan thinks that this legislation is very severe and that fight against it will go on, because it is not only about smoking, but also about people’s rights.