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Freedom of smoking in tobacco store

Published on May 17th, 2007 14:05

Soon, soon, soon. Smoking will be permitted in tobacco stores without violating the law. It seems to be a very reasonable decision, because buying a smoking tobacco it is reasonable to taste it.

Tobacco stores are namely that place what is attended by those who smoke. And namely such locals aren’t visited by non-smokers.

The City Council accepted a first reading of new proposal on Tuesday and second reading must be approved before the law can be revised, and likely will be set for next week.

David Brown and his wife, Viola, are proprietors of a tobacco store, “Tobacco World” that bought it three years ago. Recently, they introduced some modern innovations as VIP lounge complete with TVs, humidor and recliners. A membership fee for attendance of such lounge cost around $ 75.

As motivation for introducing of new exemption, David said: “With a name like Tobacco World, there’s no other reason to come in here unless you're buying premium tobacco or cigars or a lighter. No nonsmokers usually ever come in here. That's what this place is all about.”

The single regular smoker on the council Councilman Jesse Noyola explained that not agreeing this change would in essence result closing of Tobacco World. “Come on, are we going to put them out of business?” he asked. “This is important stuff here.”

If store is equipped with ventilators that clean air from tobacco smoke, it isn’t a big problem to permit lightening up, especially if they are visited in almost only by smokers.

The council unanimously approved the first reading Tuesday single persons that weren't presented were Councilmen Mark Scott and Bill Kelly.