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Germania's ingenuity for smoking

Published on January 30th, 2008 12:01

In Lower Saxony a restaurateur has found his own solution for the problem concerning the imposing of non-smoking ordinance in public places.

Being against introducing of veto to light up in his restaurant, he decided to respect the law in a very inventive manner. Speaking more specifically, he found the golden mean or it would be more truly to say the golden hole. The Restaurateur has sawed three holes in the wall of his restaurant. Now, smokers can enjoy their habit "outside" without living the restaurant.

The inside smoking terrace looks like one big hole in the middle that is for head and two smaller that are for hands. So, smokers ought to put their head and hands in those holes and enjoy the outside nature smoking his or her favorite cigarette.

Even this resolution seems to be a little bizarre, but from juristic point of view, the restriction on smoking in public places is totally respected and there is no infringement on state law. For this kind of initiatives have not been yet stabled any kinds of restrictions or fines.

This resolution is very original and perhaps in the future more German restaurants will use it, as starting with January 1, 2008 smoking ban was launched in all 16 federal states, including Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia and the city-states of Berlin and Hamburg. It is known that almost all places where was banned inside cigarette usage have faced dropping in sales, sometimes for about 50%.