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HarvestFest Festival has no queen

Published on September 13th, 2007 19:09

The heart of the Tobacco Country, Delhi, had recently celebrated its 37th anniversary of a famous festival - HarvestFest. Although, this year the fest has been different in comparison with that celebrated recently. It has no Queen. This year it was for the first time that the queen has not been included in program of the national festival.

HarvestFest is the fiesta, which is celebrated every year in Delphi. This feast is dedicated to national roots of tobacco, seeing that Delphi is nicknamed “The heart of the Tobacco Country”. It becomes a tradition which is celebrated in the course of 37 years. It is solemnized with plenty of cheese and wine. This tobacco event is a very important one for the city and its citizens. Unfortunately, this year the program lacks one of the most remembered event- crowning of the Ontario Tobacco Queen. As it was sustained, The Ontario Flue Cured Tobacco Growing Marketing Board - sponsors of the Queen - decided not to hold the competition because of lack of interest.

Only one young woman came forward as a candidate. It was decided to abolish coronation, till the next year.

Delhi HarvestFest Festival began at the Hungarian Hall with the crowning of “Little Miss HarvestFest”. So far 16 little girls are taking part.