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In Indonesia Marlboro tastes different

Published on July 5th, 2007 15:07

Indonesia, nation placed South Asia, get the pleasure to taste new variety of Marlboro cigarette flavored with cloves. This new introductions originated from smokers proposed and realized very successful by Philip Morris, greatest tobacco producer.

Philip Morris, also known as Altria Group, begin its work in Indonesia after it was bought the controlling stake in local cigarette manufacturer Sampoerna for $5.2 billion. This event occurred last year and marks itself as the biggest foreign acquisition that take place in Indonesia.

As it was estimated, smokers in this states quoted around two thirds of the total number of country inhabitants. This is number of male tobacco users, but it also were registered the growing in number of female smokers. The total number of people that live in Indonesia is 230 million.

According to related sources, around 99% of people that use tobacco prefer cigarettes blended with cloves called kretek. This species are widely utilized in cafes, offices and public spaces as it expose a sweet specific aroma owned only by kretek.

In an interview offer to Associated Press, Andrew White, Sampoerna's director sustained: “A Marlboro kretek makes sense. What consumers are telling us is that they like Marlboro, they like the brand, but they also want kretek.”

From components that characterize new flavore Marlboro is know that Marlboro Mix 9 (this is the brand name of new Marlboro) is the strongest Marlboro currently on the market, packing 1.8 milligrams of nicotine and 30 milligrams of tar. That is comparable to other full-strength kretek on sale in Indonesia, but twice as much as regular Marlboros on sale elsewhere in the world, White said.

Also White added that there was no evidence kretek were more dangerous than regular cigarettes.

New cigarette is sold in packs of 12 and take much longer to smoke than ordinary cigarettes.

Company producer expect that new flavor of cigarette will have a great success among Indonesian smokers, as along with well-stabled reputation as qualitative brand new one has taste of clove that are so preferred in Indonesia. Although, competition on tobacco market is very intensive, as there are a lot of brands that have same taste. As said White, last year, some 500 new brands were launched in the country.

Indonesia is the fifth-largest tobacco market behind China, the United States, Russia and Japan.