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Interesting but expensive resolution

Published on May 22nd, 2007 12:05

In Columbus, state Ohio took place a new introduction for controlling how smoking ban is respected by public. Total cost of enforcement of Ohio's new smoking ban will cost $800,000.

It is interesting who will pay such sum. As authorities sustain the money did not come from Ohio taxpayers.

So appeared the question? Where take such money? You wouldn't believe: from tobacco companies. It is a very interesting solution to make pay tobacco companies for their ruination.

Ohio Department of Health spokesman Jay Carey said the funding will be split between the state health department and local health districts, which will enforce the ban locally.

The state constituted a toll-free hot line to receive complaint about populace or businesses that didn't respect smoking ban. Persons that will violate the prohibition be will be inspected and will receive a written warning and also is possible a fine equal to $100. If offence will be repeated then businesses could face fines of up to $2,500.

From when things kicked off last Thursday to the close of business Monday, we have had about 1,000 complaints statewide. It's early, but the system appears to be working. Carey said.

It is an interesting idea to identify people that break the law, but how long will last will show time.