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Kentucky gains "F" for preventing smoking

Published on January 16th, 2008 12:01

The American Lung Association gave an F to Kentucky anti-smoking groups for their efforts in preventing smoking and for its low cigarette tax.

Kentucky is the state with the highest smoking rate in the country, where near 29% of residents are smokers. Also, here is the nation's lowest cigarette tax, 30 cents per pack.

The health organization is concerned for situation from the Bluegrass State, as even annually are allocated around 3 billion dollars, the situation remains unchanged.

The costs associated with smoking are skyrocketing and they're going to be even bigger as time goes on, said Dr. Ben Huneycutt, a Frankfort family care physician who spoke at a press conference.

It was proposed raise of at least 75 cents, as this tax will encourage many to quit, esp youths, and bring millions of dollars revenue.

We are missing a wonderful opportunity in this state, Mike Kuntz, director of education and advocacy for the lung association in Kentucky, said.

Rep. David Watkins, a Henderson Democrat and family physician disclosed his plans to file a bill where he will propose to raise tax to $1 per pack, as tobacco is No. 1 problem in Kentucky and they need to do everything possible to keep their children from getting addicted to nicotine.

Kentucky's new education Commissioner, Jon Draud, has proposed to introduce more physical activity in schools.