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Mackay get discounts for smoking

Published on January 24th, 2008 17:01

The sugar capital of Australia has recorded a drop of 25% in smoking fines. This news has inspired and enlivens Health Department. Dropping in number of offenders proves that people respect the ban and have already understood the genuine reason of this ordinance.

“That's fairly obvious when you go walking around the streets during the day and at night time, that people are trying to do the right thing most of the time,” Environmental health officer Rod Miles said in a reportage.

Ms Miles added that in Mackay district can be frequently seen people that move away from doorways when they're having a smoke. This behavior explains that 25%drop in percentage of smoking offenders.

“That's part of the reason why there haven’t been as many fines issued as we could possibly have done,” Ms Miles said.

Responsible authorities reported that during 2007 less that 10 people had faced fines for lightening up in prohibited places.

In July, in Queensland smoking in all enclosed areas that sell food and drinks was banned, partially smoking ban was introduced for casinos. Though, premises have the right to permit lightening up of tobacco products in designated outdoor areas. Fine for not respecting the veto on public tobacco usage is up to $300.

Taking into consideration these impressive results it can be said with certainty that very soon in the Sugar State the smoking ban and public order will live a sweet life together.