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Medical students use tobacco first

Published on May 18th, 2007 19:05

A recent study gives further confirmation that dominance of tobacco use is higher among medical students in comparison to general population. This looks extremely ironic when India's tobacco users look up at existing healthcare providers for assistance in quitting tobacco.

AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences) interrogation among medical students of North India convincingly proves that smoking among medical students arouses as their medical schooling goes further.

"Tobacco Kills" or "Tobacco causes Cancer" cries the new health warning on each tobacco pack. With young doctors and medical students not paying attention to this health warning, can the tobacco control strategy be fundamentally awry?

Results of an AIIMS interrogation on smoking among medical students in Delhi and other regional parts state that 56 per cent of them smoke.

Moreover, 35 per cent of medical students interrogated were appeared to be "nicotine-dependent"!

Dependency on smoking was estimated by the quantitative method with such questions as number of cigarettes smoked daily, the time of beginning to smoke the first cigarette after waking up and so on. The motivation to stop smoking was estimated qualitatively by direct questions about purposes to quit."

38 per cent medical students came to cigarettes after observing others smoke, the other 32.5 per cent smoked as they felt it was a kind of a stress-buster; 8.75 per cent started under the peer pressure. 11 per cent were determined to be "heavy smokers", and 45 per cent belonged to a "family history of smoking".

However a stunning majority had tried to quit tobacco use.