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In Melbourne there is shortage of cigarette bins

Published on November 21st, 2007 13:11

In Melbourne passing the veto on smoking inside homes, bars, restaurants, etc, the officials had met another problem- that of cigarettes bins. Taking into consideration the practice of the cities that have already met this problem, the Melbourne officials should resolve this problem soon, in order to assure to inhabitants a clean and beautiful city.

Smokers are forced to smoke outside after the smoking prohibition in almost all indoor places, Lacking the bins, the smokers drop the cig buts on the streets and, in the end the streets are full of cigarette remnants that create a very non esthetic and polluted picture.

In order to prevent the problem of cigarettes buts, the city officials need to place more cigarette bins through the state streets.

The problem is not only in the smokers attitude. Many smokers said that they drop the cigarette buts simply because there aren't any bins near, or they are few.

So, to find the resolution for this problem is possible only focusing attention of the both parts: inhabitants and city officials.

Melbourne City Council has done the first step regarding this problem. They offered butt bins to local businesses and some new incentives for businesses to fix cigarette butt bins around the city.

It is expected that with the arrival of the warmer weather, the amount of outdoor smokers will rise.