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New look for Federal Tobacco

Published on May 10th, 2007 17:05

In Portsmouth on Ladd Street Federal Tobacco was presented in a new sign and new interior design.

Federal Tobacco is a local cigar shop that was opened more then 80 years ago, in 1921. At recent location it was placed in 1980’s.

Co-owner of this old cigar store is Leonard Seagren, that sustain following about new introduction: “the new look is part of a spring revitalization of Federal Tobacco.”

New innovations were added as a completion of the original sign, carving of a large tobacco pipe, which hangs above the door.

Federal Tobacco purposes to its smoking craftsmen good coffee and smoke in the store's lounge and wide ranges of cigars that are placed in special humidors.

Leonard Seagren said about location of this “tobacco piece of English heritage” that it is laced in “at the heart of the city center.”

Federal Tobacco is a real pleasure that can raise interest not only for old generation, but also that young one. It is designed in old style that mainly is built from brick with large windows.

Co-owner encourages people also “to visit the back alleys and streets of any city â€" but especially Portsmouth. Ladd Street, Commercial Alley and Sheafe Street all house local shops and restaurants and offer residents and visitors a sense of Portsmouth's quaint New England history.”

Seagren is working to advance the Ladd Street area.

One old tradition that for long time was practiced by Federal Tobacco is election poll. This kind of activity is practiced for 20 years and it is still done in order to persuade younger generation in acknowledging about candidates and to encourage them to get out and vote.