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New York Lifted the Age to Purchase Cigarettes to 21

Published on January 20th, 2015 00:00

New York lifted the minimal age to purchase tobacco products to 21 on Saturday, in its current project to motivate healthy conduct among citizens.

The legislation, agreed upon on November 19, experienced a six-month waiting period well before it became effective, even though its effect can already be plainly experienced. "Under 21, no cigarettes," cautioned a small sign at the entry of a store that sells tobacco products, magazines, sweets, coffee and cakes, in the Nolita neighborhood. No tobacco, for anybody who can't provide a legitimate ID demonstrating their age. Shopkeeper checks out IDs to examine their authenticity ahead of offering the cigarette package.

The move unprecedented amongst America's major cities increases the legal age to purchase tobacco products from 18. It also goes for other types of tobacco and also to e-cigarettes. It is the most current of New York's attempts to decrease smoking rate in the city, which prohibits cigarettes and e-cigarettes in cafes and bars, in parks and at all city's public beaches. Several privately owned residential buildings have also prohibited cigarette use.

Cigarette taxes in the city are also the largest in the country: $5.85 per carton, which delivers the all round price to about $12. Moreover, the city has set up a minimum price of $10.50 per pack of cigarettes. Thomas Wall, 24, an ex-smoker agreed that the given measure is a right choice, even though he stated the measure wouldn't eradicate smoking habit among teenagers all together. He analyzed the completely new age limitation to the ones set on alcohol, which positioned the US drinking at 21. When youngsters want alcoholic drinks, they just get them from adult people who purchase for them. Shopkeeper Muhammad Arisur Khaman stated he has experienced several complaints since the law was applied, but not numerous. He just responds to disappointed clients: "It is the law."

The city has faced a rough decrease in adult smoking rate, from about 21.5 % in 2002 to 14.8 % in 2011, based on official data. However the smoking rate among youngsters has been stable since 2007, at around 8.5 %, which was part of the push for increasing the minimum age.

Government bodies believe that the new legislation will reduce the smoking rate among 18 to 20 years by more than half.
New York hopes to encourage other cities to approve identical age bans.