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No cigarette lighters during flights

Published on July 23rd, 2007 18:07

After a terrorist attempt to burn passenger aircraft, the United Sates officials introduced prohibition on cigarette lighters during the flights.

According to stated, a passenger Richard Reid, known as the œshoe bomber, on a Paris-to-Miami flight used matches to try to light explosives hidden in his shoes.

In order to predict future attempts, it was decided to confiscate lighters from passengers. Now he is serving a life sentence for trying to blow up the transatlantic flight.

Till this case, the US airports were never banned matches usage during flights.

It was announced in New York Times that the ban on most lighters will come into effect within two weeks from the date of tomorrow.

It was presented the affirmation of the head of the Transportation Security Administration where it is said the ban wouldn't make fligts safer. The number one threat for us is someone trying to bring bomb components through the security check point, he said.

We don't want anything that disperses concentration from searching for that.He says their confiscating will amount that he calls, Security Theater.

Another newspaper, The New York Times, published that approximately 22,000 lighters a day are collected by security officers at airports across the United States and disposing of the confiscated lighters has cost about $US4 million a year.

If you need a fire provider during flights, then it is allowed to carry on Bic-style disposable lighters as well as refillable kinds like Zippos. Torch-style lighters with hotter flames will still be barred.