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Not a happy end for the cigarette thieves

Published on June 25th, 2007 19:06

Cigarette robbers were arrested in connection with cigarette thieving and some robberies In Juniata. As it was sustained, the robbers had two children with them.

Duet consisted from a couple Brandi Lynn Feathers, 24, and Mark Alan Fink, 28, into custody on the 300 block of North Sixth Avenue. Police look for their last address and find out that they lived on 706 First Ave., Altoona.

List of accusation for this couple is very reach: robbery, criminal conspiracy to commit retail theft, terroristic threats and harassment in connection with the May 27 attempted robbery of Smokers Express, 1014 Third Ave., Duncansville.

They were hunted by police in connection with the larceny reported at Martin’s Food Store and Grainger Supply. The couple is also accused of thefts in Huntingdon, Cambria and Indiana counties.

Feathers and Fink have been on the run since the unsuccessful attempt to rob the cigarette store. Their description and number of their vehicle license plate number was retained by owner of cigarette store. As sustained some of their family members and a former landlord Feathers and Fink have a down-and-out way of living.

Children that they kept were taken to Altoona Regional Health System, Altoona Hospital Campus, and Blair County Children and Youth Services was contacted.

They are accused in connection with Smokers Express case. Brandi Lynn Feathers tried to hide two cartons of cigarettes in her purse. She was observed by the clerk that asks her to pay for them or to it back. Firstly, Brandi denied that she has cigarettes, after she put the cartons on a shelf.

Two store patrons blocked the doorway in an attempt to prevent Feathers from leaving while the clerk telephoned police. At that moment Fink entered in the store and led Feathers out the door. Then it were remembered the number of car and seen two children.