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Beginning with November Churchill Downs prohibits smoking

Published on November 14th, 2007 15:11

Recently an article that declared that Churchill Downs, beginning with November 25, would prohibit smoking in all of its indoor areas has been published.

This implementation is the consequence of the ban that was already introduced in Louisville.

So, dear Louisvilles, beginning with November 25 you are not allowed to light up in and near the Churchill Downs.

Representatives of the Church said that they were planning to introduce special no smoking signs, so that every smoker could see them and respect the new rule.

If counting all the Louisville establishments where smoking is still allowed, then the Champions Lounge sports bar remains the single indoor location where smokers can visit and enjoy their habit.

As, it was proclaimed, lightening up will be allowed in all outdoor areas of the track, including all balconies, the paddock area and all outdoor seating areas.

Although, if take into account the transformations that occur all over the Europe, it can be presupposed that soon lightening will be prohibited to Champions Lounge sports bar too, because “clean air” phenomenon becomes a tendency that is spreading very fast.