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Petals are against ban

Published on January 15th, 2008 17:01

Even Petals mayor Carl Scott said that everything was ok in his city in regards to recently launched ban, many don't agree with new ordinance.

In Petal smoking ban was launched on December 20. Ban was approved in November by local administration and after a month the law gained legal force.

According to new amendment, lightening up is allowed outside within 15 feet from the structure. So imagine, if you attend a bar or restaurant, you ought to go 15 feet far to smoke. It sounds as complete nonsense.

Smokers, and not only they, think of ban as a direct infringement of rights.

Marvin Holland of Petal said no one in the diner likes the smoking ban.

It's just dictatorship,” he said. They (aldermen) didn't give the people say or the business owner. We just don't like it.

This kind of affirmation ought to be taken into consideration, as it is the opinion of not only one man, but of thousands.

Allen Extine of Petal said the final vote should have been left up to the businesses.

Smokers are outlaws now, he said.

Yes, non-smokers ought to be protected, but what about smokers? Where should they go and what should they do, if they were withdrawn from all public locals?