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In Philippines it is planned to introduce warning on smokes

Published on November 5th, 2007 18:11

In Philippines, anti-smoking groups work on implementation of a new project that will enforce the placing of warnings on all cigarette packs that are sold on the territory of this state. They suppose that the picture warnings will bring more encouraging results than the written text that becomes boring and disregarded.

The anti-smoking group, the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance, Philippines (FCAP), has appealed to Congress in order to put into discussion the new law, as picture warnings are much better than written one.

“We are pushing for the picture warnings on cigarette packs instead of the text warnings so everyone, even the illiterate ones, can understand the warning,” said FCAP president Dr. Maricar B. Limpin in an interview.

Also, placing of the picture warning enlarges considerably the area of those who will understand the initial message, and it doesn’t matter what language you speak or where you are located. Picture warnings will be recognized by all generations and states.

“The Filipino people have the right to know the deadly effects of smoking/exposure to cigarette smoke. The text warning right now is still not enough,” said the petition.

Anti-smoking groups affirm that Philippine tobacco producers have produced cigarettes with warnings placed on them, but these products are for export.

“In fact, Philippine tobacco manufacturers make these cigarettes with graphic warnings available for export to other countries but not to Philippines,” it says.