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What is placed on cigarette packs?

Published on October 4th, 2007 19:10

In many states, the government decided to place warning pictures on packs of cigarettes in order to diminish rate of smokers. These images differ from state to state. Mostly, it represents negative results of tobacco smoking. Different pictures can be seen on packs, beginning with sick human organs till toys.

For example, in Australia warnings cover 30% of the front and 90% of the back of each pack. Detailed information of the pack about warning and hotline for those who want to quit is described on the back. One of the warning pictures is an ill eye. Yeah, this picture more inspires fear than caution. Hope children cannot see that picture. There are also another13 pictures that are or planned to be placed on packs.

In Brazil smokers don’t see brand name as it is covered 100% by warnings. One of widely used picture is a couple and message that smoking can cause impotence. For future, it is expected to introduce new health warnings.

Warnings written in English and in French can be found on cigarette packs sold in Canada (English and French are Canada’s two official languages). Also, every pack ought to contain a flier with information about quitting. Warnings must cover 50% of each of the front and back of the package.

Warnings in two languages also will have cigarettes from Honk Kong- Chinese and English. According to the new regulations beginning with October 27, 2007 all cigarettes sold in Hong Kong ought to display 50% health warning messages.

On Chile cigarettes persist picture of an old man who suffers from cancer, message being “smoking can cause cancer”. Warning must cover 50% of the package surface.

In Jordan, the government decided to place warnings beginning with January 2005. The image occupies 1/3 of a cigarette pack's side panel, while the written warning on cancer and lung disease caused by smoking that would cover 1/3 of the front or rear of the packet.

New Zealand government has announced that by February 27, 2008 all cigarettes sold in that country must have warning written in both English and Maori languages. There were created 140 warnings: 90 for the back of the package and 30 for the front. Warnings will be displayed on cigars too. Also, it contains the Quitline freephone number and other information about quitting smoking.