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Portable ashtrays for the City of Montreal

Published on August 13th, 2007 19:08

In attempt to reduce cigarette buts, which become a big problem after introducing of smoking ban, City of Montreal is distributing free, portable ashtrays to those that have the habit of lightening up.

Nowadays three resolutions of the buts-problem were introduced: portable ashtrays, ash and cigarette butt receptacles, and one of most severe, fines.

However Montreal administrations are more generous through offering portable ashtrays to Montreal’s 19 boroughs.

According to City of Montreal spokesman Darren Becker, it was prepared 100,000 ashtrays, at a cost of about 40 cents each.

The ashtrays are small, airtight pouches that can fit about five or six cigarette butts. The pouches snap shut and fit into a back pocket, bag, or purse. They are for keeping smokers cigarettes buts that often are throve on the streets. Transportable ashtrays can be emptied and reused again.

Spokesman for the mayor’s office in Pierrefonds, Yolande Paquette, believes the initiative will help people do their part for the environment.

“If someone makes a special trip here to pick one up, I would think it’s something they intend to use,” Paquette said. “I believe there is some interest for this type of product.”

While the ashtrays will only be available at the two Montreal boroughs in the West Island, residents from the other municipalities can get them too.

“We wouldn’t turn anyone away at the door if they wanted an ashtray,” Paquette said. “We’d be pleased to provide anybody with one if they came to pick them up.”