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Process against Tobacco Mafia has commenced

Published on December 18th, 2007 11:12

In Belgrade, The Special Prosecution begins the proceedings against the so-called Tobacco Mafia, accused of cigarettes smuggling in large amount.

The Court investigates nine suspects: Sinia Stoj, Dejan Milenovi, Mihajl Kertes, Petar Milenkovi, Neboja Nikoli, Stojan Mi, Radisav Gvozdenovi, Nenad Aivadinovi and Zdravko Hristov.

The group, whose leaders were the Sinia¡a Stoja and his brother Radovan, are accused of exporting counterfeit cigarettes in large amount to Serbia in1997. This business was well settled down and controlled. Passing 10 years, this cause has been brought to Court for processing.

In this case were drown the company employees along with customs officials and staff that allowed lorries full with undeclared cigarette to pass the Serbian frontier without any checking.

As investigation found out, this operation brings to company a profit of USD 1.82mn.All operations goes through business structure of the R5 company in Nia¡ owned by Sinia¡a, the main accused.

Five of nine suspects are arrested, while four others are still free. For this kind of crime the prison sentences can make up from 2 to 12 years.

At the moment, the cause is processed and the sentence will be announced after complete investigation.