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Rises of taxes on cigarettes resulted shoplifting

Published on May 31st, 2007 13:05

Raise of taxes on cigarettes creates a new problem for police officials. It was registered frequent causes of cigarette thieving. Situation that now develops in states can be described as “Grow prices on cigarettes, grow their stealing.”

This week on Greenville Avenue police had arrested two robbers that let a convenience store with a bag full of pilfered tobacco products. After, these tobacco products were sold on streets on double cheaper prices. A northeast patrol investigative unit supervisor, Sgt. Dillon said: “That’s a high demand item and a huge increase in such crimes.”

This is only one example of new type of robbery, but as police said it continues to grow in very towering tempos. “They’re stealing cigarettes all over,” said Sgt. Rod Dillon. “Cigarettes are so expensive now. It’s a great theft item.”

As it was sustained by police officials, in its essence, shoplifting occurred under following scheme: “on yearly morning of Wednesday, an undercover officer who was investigating tobacco thefts spotted a vehicle driving slowly in front of a 7-Eleven in the 3700 block of Greenville Avenue.

The vehicle then drove into the lot and a passenger went into the store while the driver stayed inside with the vehicle running. One man entered into store and greeting the cashier goes to the place where tobacco products were sold. He filled big shopping bag with cigarettes and cigars that estimated around $ 400 and turned out to leave the store without paying for them. There he was detained by officers.

Both persons that were arrested were identified. One of them was Jimmie Smith, 51, and the driver was Alfredo Martinez, 50. They are also suspected for thieving that occurred on last week in the same store.

There are other 3 tobacco- thieves were arrested on same week by Sgt. Dillon. At the Walgreen at Ferguson Road and Lakeland Drive in Far East Dallas. Police arrested two men and a woman that stole cigarettes and cigars that along with larceny also produce damage of store window. They broke a double-paned window that was about eight-foot off of the ground. After, one man had climbed in through the window and was throwing packs of cigarettes and cigars down to his abettors.

About this thieving Sgt. Dillon said: “As I rolled up, two of them were walking away with big Santy Clause sacks over their back. He was arrested, and police captured the other man who was still inside the store. The products stolen from Walgreen's were valued at about $3,000.”

What can be said about this situation? It is awful that things turned to be so bad. In order to not get into jail accused of tobacco larceny it is reasonable just one advice: buy cheap cigarettes on legal sources, as for example on internet shops where prices are much lower.