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Smokers Can Refuse Light Cigarettes with Difficulties

Published on April 13th, 2007 16:04

It is more difficult to get rid of bad habit for those people who prefer to smoke light cigarettes, American Journal of Public Health informs.

The research, carried out by the scientists from University of Pittsburgh, showed people who smoke light cigs give the smoking up two times less than those who use habitual cigarettes.

Hilary Tindle and her colleagues analyzed the data of the interrogation of the year 2000. There were 12285 persons either smoking or quitting up.

It was cleared up 37% of smokers use light cigarettes, because they considered them to be less harmful for the health.

At the same time, recent research showed the so-called “light”, “ultra-light” and “mild” cigs are not any dangerous. According to the statistics data the cigs with the lower nicotine and tar content do not diminish the risk of lung cancer evolution- malignant growths are flourished equally often irrespective of regular or light cigarettes usage.

The experiments showed the smokers of light cigarettes inhale deeper and oftener than those who smoke regular cigs, or smoke them in greater number.

In the final analysis both categories of the smokers consume approximately equal doses of nicotine and tars, the scientists suppose. Moreover, as it was appeared it is significantly difficult to give up when smoking light cigs in comparison with the usage of regular cigarettes.

It is necessary to make the fact that all the cigarettes are equally dangerous clear to every smoker, Hilary Tindle noted. She considers the additional warnings should appear on the packs of light cigarettes, informing about their injury for the health.