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In UK smokers ought to pay £10 for a permit to buy tobacco

Published on February 29th, 2008 18:02

UK Health Department invented a new way to deter smoking: they decided to introduce special smoking permits that will cost £10 that will allow purchasing of tobacco products. Money from these permits will go to the National Health Service (NHS).

If authorities accept this law, no one will be able to buy cigarettes without this permission. In UK taxes were raised on tobacco products. Heavy fines were introduced for those who light up in places prohibited by law. These permits can be the last straw for smokers.

Professor Julian Le Grand, a former adviser to ex-PM Tony Blair, said: £10 tax will definitely deter smoker to persist with the habit”.

Le Grand said that 70% of smokers actually want to quit. So if you just make it that is a little bit difficult for them to re-start or even to start in the first place, yes I think it will make a big difference.

This is a strong affirmation that many people surely wouldn't like it. Moreover, Mr. Le Grand understands that the elderly and people with low incomes will be very affected by this proposal, but it seems that this situation doesn't concern him.