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Smoking was banned in Shanghai taxis

Published on October 18th, 2007 16:10

In Shanghai smoking in public taxis has been banned. This campaign was initiated in order to clean up the city's image before the 2010 World Expo.

The Shanghai Dazhong Taxi is the company that has already banned smoking in their taxis. Company affirmed that drivers who would smoke in cabs would be fined or even temporarily dismissed.

Signs as “No Smoking in Dazhong Taxis, Welcome to Shanghai World Expo” have been placed in all taxi of the company.

“For a long time, the sanitation of the city's taxis has been affected by the smell in some cabs,” stated an official of the company.

Zhao also added that he hoped that the sanitation of cabs in the city would be improved through their no-smoking campaign, which is a mutual benefit for both drivers and passengers.

Passengers also agree with the veto on lightening up in taxis. Liu Zheng, who very often takes cabs, believes that the campaign is very “positive”.

"Cigarette smoke contains many types of carcinogenic particles which can become trapped in air-conditioners. It is also hard to remove the smell from cars even with all the windows opened,” Zheng said.

Taxi Company declared that they will keep close eye on success of launched program and all those that would be caught smoking or have cigarette odor will be “called back”.

“Of course, we will behave according to the company's regulation, but how about passengers' smoking in the cab?” asked one taxi driver who declined to be named.

Dilemma is that it has not introduced penalties for passengers who don’t respect the rule and smoke in taxis. As company said, it is drivers’ responsibility to convince passengers not to smoke.

Although, new restriction will be closely monitored, the official understands that it would be hard to achieve a total smoke ban in a short timeframe.

“Promoting non-smoking taxis in the whole city is a long journey,” Zhao said. “Despite having a long way to go, we are confident of fulfilling our “smoke-free taxi” program in the city through our diligence.”