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Smoking bans unfavorable legislation

Published on April 21st, 2008 12:04

Chet Culver, the Iowa's Governor, is expected to sign into law this week a new statewide smoking ban. The Chet Culver goal is to allow people from Iowa to breathe smoke-free air in their own homes.

This suggestion proved disputable concerning what places would be declared smoke-free zones. After a cabinet meeting the majority of elected legislators in the state legislature finally compromised, banning smoking in all public restaurants and bars beginning July 1.

Chet Culver said: "It's not that we're promoting smoking, because we aren't. But, the smokers seem to be taking a lot of direct hits lately, from ever escalating costs of the products to banishment in many public facilities and even some private ones."

The new legislation would permit to smoke at a casino. But if smokers go to a bar or a restaurant in a casino, they can't.

In Hotels, in private and semi-private rooms, in long-term care facilities the smoking would be permitted too. Many are still misinformed, believing that it is illegal to forbid smoking in suites. What fun to be ill enough to live in such a facility, and also have to endure the wafting smell of cigarette smoke.

A Goodman of a restaurant said: "From everything I've seen we really haven't lost any customers or profit."

He added: "Although a lot of people were against the city enacting laws that restricted some of their smoking, they've adapted to the change. They can still smoke outdoors and then go inside the building."

A ban on smoking should be decided by the local government or the city council not by inhabitants. Government Officials confessed that the inhabitants have to accommodate themselves to new changes if they want to live in a healthy state.

Smokers think that smoking ban is an unfavorable legislation, because all people have the same rights. Smoking ban only divides people in to two parts, smokers and nonsmokers.

Chet Culver was informed that several countries, including many western countries, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and Hong Kong, have already shown that smoking rates can be reduced, and he want to do the same in his state.

These successes can be only reproduced by any responsible nation, but only through immediate, determined and sustained governmental and community action.