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"Smoking is permitted comes back

Published on December 25th, 2007 15:12

In Green River, the local administration is examining the amendment that will permit smokers to enjoy their habit inside places where it has been banned not so long ago, namely on December 4.

If the amendment is approved, municipal lightening up will be allowed in bars, lounges and private clubs in Green River.

This exemption gains support from local bar owners that had gathered several hundred signatures to permit smoking, for the reason that ban does more harm than good. Ban can considerably affect their businesses.

Green River is the last Wyoming city where ban was implemented. However, the restriction met up a strong confrontation from the part of the local bars, taverns and clubs.

Selling of tobacco products and drinks generate a major portion of daily revenue for these places. Once the ban has launched, owners felt the effects. Many people refuse to attend the place where they can ot smoke and this consequently moderates the income.

Smoking can be permitted in bars, taverns and clubs and the attendees should decide where they want to go and not the government.

There are many smoke-free places for those how don't smoke and who want to escape the second-hand smoke.