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Smoking is prohibited for EUC

Published on September 6th, 2007 18:09

East Carolina University plans to introduce new regulation related to usage of tobacco products on the territory of the university. The University recently obtained a grant from the North Carolina Health and Wellness Trust Fund to create a smoke-free college campus.

Nearly 28% of all 18-24 year-olds in North Carolina smoke and this is the only age group nationally in which smoking rates are increasing, according to Georgia Childs, Assistant Director for Peer Health. Our main focus at ECU has been policy development in terms of getting smoking banned within 25 feet of campus buildings, stated Childs. The Chancellor and the Board of Trustees adopted the policy in March 2007 to be set in place by August 1, 2007. Meantime, the North Carolina legislature passed a bill eliminating smoking inside all government buildings. They were also able to pass a bill prohibiting smoking within 100 feet of campus buildings among the 16 state-supported schools. ECU decided to start with the already-passed 25 feet policy and go from there. We plan to continue working toward a smoke free campus in the future.

According to related, nearly 28% of all 18-24 year-olds in North Carolina smoke and this percentage continues to increase.

Tobacco-Free College Advocates work to reduce usage of tobacco and exposure to second hand smoke and to inform young generation about effects of tobacco usage.

It is expected what new policy will reduce the number of smokers among college students, as they will be protected from tobacco usage and live in smoke-free dorms.

Till now, those who study at EUC were practicing this habit unlimitedly: in dorms and libraries on campus, coffee shops and bars they often visit.