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Smoking places in UK are available online

Published on July 16th, 2007 19:07

Smoking residents of the UK can consider themselves to be very fortunate because an online helper who would facilitate their lives making it more joyful and comfortable, was granted them.

Launching of smoking ban in Britain encourages some tobacco enterprises to create a special site, which serves as a helping guide for tobacco users.

Programme was carried out by three famous UK tobacco manufacturers: British American Tobacco, Gallaher Limited and Imperial Tobacco Limited. Also, they sponsor the programme.

This site is projected as a one-stop shop for smokers that are looking for places where tobacco usage is permissible.

Every online visitor can search for bars, clubs and restaurants in his or her area where it is allowed them to smoke, drink, eat and communicate while remaining within the frames of the new law.

This site was launched on the day when the veto came into an effect, on July, 1 2007, and has already become very popular. After its first week of operation over 3,000 site visits were recorded.

A list of more than 6,000 venues are offered to British smokers, and it is planned to add a new one every week.

In order to visit site, visitors need to enter only area or postcode. It is offered a list of venues with outdoor facilities where they can smoke legally. All information is free of charge and permitted to all the British adult tobacco users.