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Smoking: Who gains the freedom and who lost it?

Published on May 28th, 2007 18:05

There is a wide spread happiness along the state where is planned to legal introduce smoking ban in Isanti community. It will be officially introduced after Governor Tim Pawlenty will sign the law this month.

Beginning Oct. 1, smoking will be illegal in bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, VFWs, American Legions, country club lounges and other establishments.

However it cannot be called a national happiness, because there are people that associate the new anti-tobacco introducing with a real catastrophe of their business and so for their family and future.

Manager of one Isanti’ private club Isanti VFW, Dorothy Star, speaking about new restriction she is presupposed that maybe everything will be ok, but she recognized that most of customers prefer to combine their drinks with smoking.

She said: “The smoking ban may help us or hurt us; it could go either way. But regarding this business, as a rule, most people who drink, smoke. A bar’s a bar.”

VFW kitchen manager Lisa Lewis added: “I think it sucks. There are a lot of non-smoking bars to go to, and we have one right here in Isanti. Why should we be punished?”

It will negative affect Isanti VFM club because around 70 % of clients used to light up tobacco while drinking. Only hope that Dorothy preserve is that new restriction would be referred to private clubs.

“I’m very disappointed they didn’t leave private clubs to make that decision for themselves,” Star said. “We’re having a hard time anyway.”

It was done a survey among clients of Isanti VFM club. On of them, Tammy Wielgosz said that every owners of a private business ought to have freedom of choose to ban smoking or no and she said she enjoys having a smoke with a drink after work.

Some Isanti VFW customers really felt the government is violating their freedoms.