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Soon Kentuckians will pay more for cigarettes

Published on February 7th, 2008 17:02

In Kentucky a rise of taxes on tobacco products from 30 cents to $1 dollar for tobacco products is planned. David Watkins, the 11th District State Representative, is the author of this bill. He said this grow would bring additional money to local budget and diminish with 25% number of smokers.

Even the state representative has a very optimistic point of view on this bill, local residents have another opinion.

“It's outrageous!” Sharon Hudnall, Cashier at Bo's Smoke Shop said and her customers agreed with her.

“You don't see too many tobacco fields anymore. You don't see very many, but yet your government says ‘Oh, lets raise taxes on them again and see if we can get them to quit,” Hudnall added.

Sue Cartwright, a customer, said that it was much better to raise taxes on alcohol and stuff rather than on cigarettes.

The last raise for tobacco products from 3 cents to 30 cents was in 2005.