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Study shows that more than 50% of BPO smoke

Published on February 12th, 2008 18:02

A recent study proved that more than 50% of the BPO workers are smokers. Study was carried out by Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

Smoking ban was introduced in India in late 2007 with major aim to make all working places smoke-free.

So, according to Dr Gauravi Mishra, Consultant, Preventive Oncology division of TMH statement, workplaces becomes smoke-free, but workers come out of the office for smoking. Sometimes they go to Hookah bars as well. Even it was prohibited smoking inside, BPO workers have found another way to enjoy their habit wasting time to go outside to light up a cigarettes or Hookah.

At two-year study were carried out four BPOs in Mumbai and interviewed 800 to 1000 people under the age group between 22 and 23 years. Dr Gauravi Mishra said that cigarettes are more widely used by smoking workers, but sometimes staff goes to the Hookah bars to relax and “ventilate” their stress.

Mishra thinks that educating of the damaging effects of tobacco usage could change behavior of many potential and present smokers. Sometimes, smokers don’t know what effects has tobacco usage, especially in adolescence.