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Another increase of taxes on tobacco will affect businesses

Published on October 22nd, 2007 12:10

One of the last innovations that state has implemented was increase of taxes on tobacco products. It ought to discourage smokers from smoking and, why not, to increase the state budget.

Measure 50 is a fresh tendency focused on cigarettes. It is proposed to rise taxes to 1$ for one pack. Money collected from taxes will go to health department that will have more possibilities to take care of children.

Although, this tendency has two contrary faces: on the one hand- it will help to a lot of children, but on the other there are a lot of businesses that will suffer from raise of taxes.

Jo Wheaton is the owner of Tobacco Jo's, a drive-through cigarette shop in Redmond. She always tries to offer prices most available for clients. Jo has a business motto: “cheap cigarettes and good customer service”. However, if Measure 500 will pass she surely will lose her business.

“The last time they cut the prices, it cut me down to bare-bones,” she said. Jo supposed that customers will not “like” one more raise of prices on cigarettes.

Wheaton along with the other smokers considers that the choice to smoke or not is up to them, and not to government.