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The whole truth about tobacco

Published on May 3rd, 2007 15:05

Entire story will be about Lorillard Tobacco Company, located in Greensboro Comments that are revealed in this article were presented by Allen Johnson, ex-worker at Lorillard Co.

It is a publicized a lot about tobacco companies and their cigarette products, about damages and disadvantageous of long usage. As response to all that anti-smoking publications, Johnson said: “You fail to mention that you were fed, clothed and educated on tobacco money. Are you biting the hand that fed you?”

And in a way he is right. Tobacco company play important role not only if his personal life, but also in his family. Allen added:” My mother spent more than 30 years as an employee at Lorillard, from which she retired 11 years ago. She enjoyed her time at the place she called "Old Gold," for one of the cigarette brands it produced. For her, Lorillard was like family away from home. Many of her friends still work there.”

His brother has worked in Lorillard's Greensboro plant for 21 years and two months.

About his work-life at Lorillard Co, Allen Johnson revealed furthermore interesting events. “The academic scholarship I received to go to college was administered by the National Merit Scholarship Corp. But it was paid for by Loew's Corp., then the parent company of ... Lorillard Tobacco Co. My parents still have an 8x10, black-and-white glossy of the scholarship certificate presentation at the administrative offices of the Lorillard plant on East Market Street.”

Connection of Johnson family with tobacco is older then it seems to be. His grand parent cultivated tobacco on a farm in Fayetteville. This help them to grow two children and offered college education for both pf them. And his father met his mother when he went to N.C. A&T. As affirmed Allen, “if not for tobacco, I wouldn't even be here today.”

In the end he said that he appreciated all that tobacco has contributed, directly and indirectly, to him and his family. And, he also appreciates the contributions the industry has made to the state's economy.

Allen Johnson didn’t want to propagate tobacco smoking or industry of producing cigarettes, but he wanted just to show another side of dilemma that is related to this sphere.

It is publicized different opinions about smoking business, some are true some are ambiguous, and it is personal choice of each that side to adhere.