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This year tobacco production set a new record

Published on October 15th, 2007 12:10

According to related, this year the recordable quantity of tobacco producing has been registered. In 2007, farmers in one of the nation's largest tobacco-producing states have planted 164,000 acres for flue-cured tobacco, up from the historic low of 123,000 acres in 2005.

361,000 pounds of tobacco produced this year break national record of the year 2001. This diagnosis was maintained by the N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

“Production would have been more were it not for drought and heat”, said department spokesman Brian Long.

Also he added, “We're concerned about that, obviously”.

It is important to mention that the government has set the annual minimum price for tobacco and a quota system limited where and how many farmers could grow up. Some landowners leased these quotas to growers, which influenced price.

Scott Bissette is an international marketing specialist with the state's agriculture department. He also offered some commentaries about results of 2007 year.

“Prices are less,” Bissette said, “Because that quota, that cost component, is no longer in there.”

Hope, in the future the tradition of growing tobacco will remain alive so that our nephews can see how it is done and transmit it to the next generations.