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New trend to disgusting labels started in Canada

Published on September 11th, 2007 13:09

In Canada new “bright” labels which are stickled on cigarettes sold in this state were introduced. They are colorful and very “expressive”. These labels become a trend for Canada cigarettes, which work for discouraging people to smoke. However the pictures are so horrible, that inspire horror more than warning.

For the first time warnings on cigarettes appeared in 1984. They were small warnings, written in black-and-white colors, which are still practiced.

History of labels continues in 2003, when it was decided to introduce new warnings: more colorful and “communicative” are rotting teeth, a brain damaged by stroke and a preemie on life support are among the most famous pictures displayed on the packs of cigs . New warnings are much larger in size in comparison with old ones. It also contains some information about effects of tobacco smoking.

As it was sustained, visual colorful pictures render more influence on people’s perception than plain written texts.

The problem is not in banning to display warnings on packs of cigarettes. It is more than an ethical problem. It doesn’t look “nice” to see the pictures of rotting teeth or a brain damaged by stroke whenever you go. It can physically perturb. Almost all who smoke cigarettes know effects of this habit and that it is not so good to practice it. Why is it needed to place so horrific pictures? It is not a good idea. It must be taking into account that these pictures are seen not only by adult people, but also by children. It is not hard to imagine how this can hurt the children’s psyche.

It ought to be introduced some amendments on this “trend” and to find more “gentle” ways to confront the problem related to the tobacco usage.