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Turks worry about success of coming ban

Published on January 22nd, 2008 13:01

Turkey will join the coalition of states that have introduced veto on tobacco smoking. It is a good step for a country that plans to become a part of European Union.

Though, Turks worry about the success of the coming ban, because Turkey is known as the world fifth producer of tobacco products, this state is also a great consumer where 60% of men and 20% of women smoke.

Mura, 22 years old, a smoker, told that he is a smoker of the times and of course he will abide the new law because he knows tobacco is bad for people.

“But Ankara winters are cold and stepping outside for a smoke is going to be torture,” he said.

“Turks enjoy finding a way around the law as much as they enjoy smoking,” Murat said, “so I wonder whether this law will really work.”

Of course, there are people that opt for smoke-free environment.

Turkish government has introduced heavy fines for all those who would not respect the restriction. For example, for lightening up in a public place the offender will face a fine of 50 Turkish liras that is about 29 euros or 42 dollars. Fine for establishments that have permitted smoking is 5,000 lira that is 2,900 euros or 4,200 dollars.

The most curios are that 50% of doctors use tobacco products. So, implementing of ban in Turkey is really a big problem, as even doctors are smokers.

“What will we have left if smoking is banned -- how we forget our woes?" bemoaned accountant Erkan Cakir, 40. Erkar has remembered about acting of Murad IV that governed in the 17 century. Murad IV used to kill those who smoke and drink, but he died at 28 from illness related to fondness for the bottle.

The owners of restaurants and publicans are worried about the future of their businesses, because they understand that after launching of ban fewer people will visit their edifices.

It is supposed that ban will become a real problem for village cafes, where people gain together only for discussions accompanied by many cigarettes.