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Where to smoke?

Published on July 26th, 2007 19:07

Slowly but surely, smoking ban comes in more and more USA regions. Over 50% of Americans are covered by a smoke-free ordinance of some degree. The largest veto is for work places, taverns, bars and restaurants. There are states that plan or already introduced smoke-free zones bowling alleys, non-tribal casinos, bus stops, private clubs, private schools; social, fraternal and religious organizations and others.

As the USA doesn’t have the federal smoking control legislation, restrictions can differ from region to region.

Beginning with January 1, 2008, public smoking in Chicago will be a luxurious pleasure. After tobacco usage prohibition from restaurants and bars, government of “The Windy City” decided to introduce a total veto at the beginning of the next year.

The new projected smoking ban doesn’t offer many opportunities for smokers. According to mentioned above, smoking is prohibited in many workplaces, restaurants and within 15 feet of building entrances and other businesses that are open to the public operating. Also, you will never be allowed to smoke in casinos, bars and private clubs such as VFWs and American Legions.

Exception is admitted for tobacco shops (if this store has 80 percent of the store's revenue comes from the sale of tobacco), private offices and some hotel rooms that are equipped with ventilators.

Those that don’t respect the law are fined at the amount from $100 to $250 for individuals and for businesses $250/ for the 1st time.

Some smokers feel embarrassed. Carol Johnson of Aurora, a smoker having 25-years experience, even lights up in a less, she still prefers a cigarette as relaxation from work. Johnson says she understands banning smoking indoors. “For those who don't smoke, it's a lot to inhale someone else's fume. But outdoors? We've got a lot more pollution to worry about," she said, gesturing to the traffic passing on Main Street. “What's left for us?”

Magdolin Habash, who works at Lover Cigars and Tobacco in downtown Elmhurst, has more optimistic prognoses. She said that bans wouldn't deter devoted smokers. “They will always find a way,” she said.