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Cosmos Cigarettes

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1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos cigarette brand is produced by one of biggest tobacco company from Eastern Europe, Tutun CTC. It is a join stock company that first was opened in 1924. Today, this cigarette company is famous for its qualitative smoking products that are presented on tobacco markets at very respectful price. And these characteristics make Tutun CTC with day after day to become more prosperous and qualified.

One of most illustrious cigarette that is produced by this smoking maker is Cosmos brand. It can be qualified as veteran on tobacco markets, because it was one of cig brand on which Tutun CTC built its reputation.

Brand name of around all smoking products comprises its taste in its name. Same is for Cosmos cigarettes. Company producer had offered this trademark for Cosmos smoking product, because it can be translated and understood by people from many foreign countries, as well its lavish smoking flavor. Its rich taste that resulted from best blended sorts of scented tobacco mixed with additives that were prepared special for this product were high demanded by smokers for many decades.

Cosmos cigarette is capable to enter on galaxy of every state and became a constant representative for smokers that like greatest mellow taste of tobacco. This tobacco was tested by time and was proclaimed as strong enough to be called a cigarette set up special for men.

Even its pack design and color are evidence of fact that Cosmos is a male brand: it is depicted with deep blue that are color of business and elegancy and in center of pack are draw a star, symbol of elite and leaders.

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