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Fluieraş Cigarettes

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1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes

Fluieraş cigarettes

Fluieras cigarettes

If you are looking for smoking taste that you had never experienced then this brand is for you. Best sorts of tobacco were blended in a special composition that was competed with special aromatic ingredients. All this make savor of Fluieras so distinctive among all cigarettes marks that are sold.

Its brand name isn t one created, it is with essence. In translation it means musical instrument, or more precisely a flue. It can be observed that smoke of Fluieras cigarettes is like singing a song: smoke comes in a dancing manner that makes its odor full of mystery and enigmatic.

Company producer hadn't chosen accidentally such brand name for this cigarette. Tutun CTC had embodied in Fluieras tobacco sense of relaxation and joy. These characteristics weren't revealed by any cigarette brand of national and international manufacturing.

It is important, that Tutun CTC is single tobacco enterprise from all that existed in Eastern Europe that introduced and certified Quality System on basis on International Standard ISO 9001. Also, according to laboratory of the Minnesota University (USA), tobacco products that make this company contain a low level of nitrozoamine. High-tech equipment that had Tutun CTC achieves production of 4000-5000 cigarettes in one minute. And, of significant importance is that this cigarette manufacturer is biggest tobacco enterprise from states of former USSR.

Fluieras Full Flavor is king size filtered cigarettes that are placed in hard pack of red color. As it was observed smokers of this brand are of more adult age. This kind of cig users didn t like artificial taste for products. They like Fluieras because it expose that what must be concerned in real cigarettes: premium quality and natural taste.

If this sounds curious for you and became intrigued by this European tobacco, then order it cheaply on this tobacco store. Fluieras cigarette is smoking product that isn t available to everybody, but with help of our site you will be through those that will have it at discount cost.